Sunday, July 21, 2013

Enlarge my. How to Win a Penis Size Contest

Enlarge my

Enlarge my

What do you think your chances are of winning a penis size contest right now? Slim to nil? How would you like to tip the odds in your favor?

Yes, there is a clinically proven way for you to be able to have a sporting chance to win a penis size contest. You just need to use a traction device for a while & you will be able to "hang" with the big boys.

An extender or traction device is not only good for increasing the flaccid length & girth of your manhood, but will increase your erect size as well. With the right device, you will be able to increase your size by as much as 30%.

Would a couple of inches do it for you? With the average being 6" in erect length you can get an edge over your peers. If you were average, say right at 6", & you used a device and after a few months you were at 8", don't you think that you would be able to win a penis size contest?

Only 10% of men worldwide have a size that is 8" or over. You could join that elite group of men who are proud of their penis size. Become a man who is confident in any personal situation, whether it is around women or even other men. Be proud of who you are & be proud of your manhood.

If you are proud of your average size, then perhaps an extender device is not for you. But if you are a man who is not satisfied with being just average, especially in the penis size department, then making your manhood larger should be right up your alley.

Adding 2" is a very achievable goal. If you just use the extender device for a couple of hours a day for a few months you will be able to get two more inches easily. That's what I did. I've added 1.5" of length &.5" of girth using one of these clinically proven devices.

My flaccid length is also much larger than before. Temperature changes do not affect me as much as before I started penile enlargement with an extender. That's good because it's getting towards winter here & don't want my penis trying to hide just to stay warm.

Enlarge my

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